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SPEAKING EVENT: Arizona Tax Credit Programs: Monetizing and Documenting R&D Tax Credits

LOCATION: Hyatt House, Scottsdale,

AZ 4245 North Drinkwater Blvd Scottsdale, AZ 85251 480-946-7700

TOPIC: R&D Tax Credits: Developing a holistic and integrated process for documenting research and development tax credits.

Conducting qualified research activities is only a part of qualifying for federal and state research tax credits. Developing the proper documentation that will maximize your chances for sustaining your R&D credits under audit is critical. Our seminar will focus on this important and difficult area. In our presentation, we will help companies to understand what is required and how to develop a system that saves time without sacrificing necessary information. Are you tracking your employee hours by project? How important is tracking hours contemporaneously versus using estimates at year end?

Our presentation will cover:

• Learning how the IRS and state taxing authorities look at your company and activities when assessing your research tax credit.

• Understanding key elements of the IRS Audit Techniques Guide and how they influence your audit.

• How to begin developing your own documentation process to meet IRS expectations AND minimize your time to gather critical information.

Presented by Randy Eickhoff, CPA and President of Acena Consulting, LLC.

Register Online: Here

**Space is limited and we will only accommodate 20 guests for this seminar. Please click the link below if you are interested in attending. There is no charge for this event. To RSVP, please click here. Or Call 805-426-9669.


Speaking Event: Tax Credit Wednesday

Location: Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation GateWay Community College

IC DISC and R&D Tax Credits Critical Tax Incentives for Your Business Being competitive today means understanding how to innovate, market, produce, and sell high quality products and services. It also requires that business owners understand and take advantage of tax incentives that are available at the federal and state level. In our presentation, we will focus on two high value tax incentives available to a broad range of industries; namely, the research and development tax credit and the IC DISC.

Our presentation will cover:

• Learn how new or improved products processes, software, techniques, formulas and inventions can qualify as R&D projects.

• Understand the basics on how to calculate your tax benefit using the R&D tax credit

• Learn about the Arizona Refundable Research Tax Credit Are you delivering products or services outside the US? If so, there is a tax incentive available to you called the IC DISC.

• Learn how the IC DISC is formed and structured • Understand how to calculate your tax benefit using the IC DISC

• Learn the definitions of export property, marginal costing, direct and indirect sales

• Review case studies of current companies taking advantage of the significant tax savings available using the IC DISC

Workshop will be hosted at the following locations: Presented live at the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation (CEI) at GateWay Community College -275 N. GateWay Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85008

Broadcast to the following locations via the Internet: Chandler Innovations Incubator - 145 S. 79th Ave, Chandler, AZ 85226 AZ TechCelerator in Surprise - 12425 W. Bell Road, Building A suite 128, Surprise, AZ 85378

Speaker(s): Presented by Randy Eickhoff, CPA and business consultant, and President of Acena Consulting, LLC. For more information call 480-784-0592

Register Online: Here


Coffee & Connections - R&D Tax Credits -Investing in your Success

Acena Consulting is proud to be presenting R&D Tax Credits - Investing in your Success at the City of Chandler Science & Technology Incubator. Research and development tax credits are a powerful weapon in this competitive global marketplace. Yet, most small businesses don’t take advantage of them. If your company develops or improves on products, processes, software, techniques or formulas then this seminar can have an important impact on your growth and success.

In our session, we will:

• Discuss the value and bottom-line dollars R&D tax credits bring;

• Review the rules and activities that qualify;

• Look at how to document your activities to streamline the R&D credit calculation;

• Walk through the application process in Arizona to generate refunds;

• Review case studies to see the impact the R&D tax credit can have on a business. C

ompanies in the Bioscience, Aerospace/Defense, Software, Technology, Engineering, Semi-conductor, Engineering, Food & General Manufacturing will benefit from this critical information.

Who should attend: CEOs, CFOs, Presidents, Controllers, Directors of Engineering or Operations Randy Eickhoff, CPA will guide the attendees on how to take advantage of these tax credits. Randy is President of Acena Consulting, LLC, a multi-dimensional tax and operational consulting firm. Through his team of tax specialists, consisting of CPAs, engineers and other technical professionals, Acena provides specialty tax, accounting and operational consulting to small and middle market companies. This is a free event and incubator facility tour is available after the event.

Speaker(s): Randy Eickhoff, CPA - President of Acena Consulting LLC Co-Sponsor(s): City of Chandler Science & Technology Incubator

For more information email Sanjay Dhole at sanjay.dhole@domail.maricopa.edu or call him at 480-784-0591.

Fee: Free!


Phone: 480-784-0591

Location 145 S. 79th Street Chandler, AZ 85225

Register Online: Here


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