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The Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation (IC-DISC) offers potentially significant tax incentives for companies that export U.S. products. Known as the "last remaining export credit," an IC-DISC allows businesses to reclassify high-taxed export sales revenue into qualifying dividends, instantly (and permanently) lowering tax burden. Beyond an extensive tax rate decrease, IC-DISC reduces the exporter's tax base and safeguards an organization against double taxation. Most importantly, utilizing the export credit drives higher cash flow, unlocking access to mission-critical capital that launches business value and growth.

Are You Missing Out On IC-DISC Tax Credits?

Historically, IC-DISC claims are often leveraged by private organizations. However, public businesses can also tap into the impressive tax deductions offered through this government-backed program. While thousands of U.S. businesses take advantage of qualifying IC-DISC deductions, many CPAs and entrepreneurs miss out on relevant claims every tax year, simply because they don't recognize eligible operations.

Some IC-DISC qualifiers include:

  1. Filing an IC-DISC election
  2. Operating as an established U.S. C corporation
  3. Holding a single class of stock
  4. Sustaining $2,500 minimum capitalization
  5. Maintaining separate bank accounts, books, and records

IC-DISC corporations must also demonstrate that 95% of all assets and gross receipts qualify under current export tax law requirements.

Start The IC-DISC Process With Acena's Online Calculator

Do you have questions about your potential IC-DISC commission? Acena Consulting's online calculator can help. Our intuitive, complimentary online resource uses general industry statistics and your specific business data to estimate potential IC-DISC tax savings. Acena Consulting's IC-DISC calculator can prove a powerful first step to lowering your tax obligation and maximizing your benefit opportunities.

Using our IC-DISC calculator can provide valuable insight on your current potential export status. However, our digital calculations are only a general estimate that provides preliminary program guidelines and should never replace actual assessments and documentation compiled from an experienced IC-DISC tax professional.

Acena Consulting: We Specialize In IC-DISC Tax Benefits

Still have questions about your client's or company's IC-DISC qualifications? Acena Consulting has answers. Our team of dedicated tax advisors specializes in IC-DISC regulations, helping businesses in every industry optimize available export capital. Contact us for a no-risk consultation to determine if you've been missing out on unclaimed benefits today.