How much did it cost?

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Posted by Randy Eickhoff on Nov 25, 2013 2:04:00 AM

www.acenaconsulting.comIt cost you how much for that!?

Is it cheaper on Amazon? Or at Costco? Or Walmart or Target?

What did it really cost you to buy that new home? Hours? Dollars? Time? Time away…

We buy because it makes us happy or because it makes us happy to buy something for someone. We buy to feel something, not because we need it. The cost, however, can be so much more than we calculate in dollars.

A good friend, who at the time, was in the process of selling his second company (he did well the first time), once told me how impressed he was at my ability to both build my company and spend a great deal of time with my family. He envied the balance I fight daily to maintain in life.

I, on the other hand, envy the fact that his house is paid for, that he doesn’t need to work…ever and that he is the humble person that he is.

We measure so much of our lives in terms of possessions, bank accounts and salaries and rarely in terms of our personal relationships.

What did that business trip cost you in time away from your wife, kids and friends? Can you get that time back? What little league game or play did you miss while you were away?

How important to your son was it that you were there watching him play his game? Can you get a do-over? A mulligan perhaps?

Time is that one thing that we all need more of, fight to keep and wish for it to slow down.

When you take stock of your life and possessions, I hope you put a value on those people that you share your life with.

So, again, how much did that cost you?

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Randy Eickhoff, CPA is President of Acena Consulting. With more than 20 years of tax and consulting experience, Randy focused on helping companies successfully document and secure tax incentives throughout the US. He has been a long-time speaker nationally as well as conducted numerous training sessions on R&D tax credits and other US tax incentives.

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