Say Something!

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Posted by Randy Eickhoff on Dec 16, 2013 9:50:00 AM

Say Something!

Say something interesting….

Something that will catch my attention…

Something that will make me wonder…

Or think…

Or listen…

Our lives are filled with advertisement, marketing messages, “news,” and so much useless information that it is refreshing and engaging to actually have a conversation that means something.

Say something that will make me WANT to sit down and understand and connect rather than just interrupt my train of thought.

In a world that continues to move faster each day, the message so often gets lost in the din of noise.

We all want to find that connection, that engagement or that thought provoking conversation yet we don’t know how to be that kind of communicator. If you want my time and attention, stop trying to sell me on your product or service and bring something of value.

Say something remarkable that will make me WANT to spend time with you and connect you with my friends and associates.


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