Acena Consulting-Relationships Matter: Especially in Politics?

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Posted by Randy Eickhoff on Nov 1, 2010 1:46:00 PM

Randy Eickhoff





By Randy Eickhoff
Acena Consulting

Welcome to our first entry for the Acena Consulting blog. I thought it appropriate to launch our blog with a short entry regarding the changing position of President Obama and the Democratic Party today as President Obama asked Democrats and Republicans to come together no matter the results of tomorrow's elections across the country.

While I have been hoping that the name-calling, and partisan politics would end, I found the timing of President Obama's public statement almost funny. Really? Just as the Democrats may lose seats in Congress? Would we have heard the same message if the prognosis for election results had been that the Democrats would win more seats?

Don't get me wrong, the rest of President Obama's message was one that I have been looking forward to:

Extend, make permanent and expand the research and development tax credit (among many other things)

As tax consultants, we get to see first hand the impact tax incentives like the research and development tax credit can have for a small business owner. We have the benefit of helping our clients understand how the complex tax incentives work and why they keep US businesses competitive in a global economy.

It has been more than frustrating to watch our elected public servants agree that small businesses need help and then not agree (or take action) on how to help them. Finally, with the balance of power in the House and Senate potentially shifting, President Obama wants to put aside partisan politics. Senator Menendez (D-NJ) is now willing to support extending the Bush tax cuts even for the wealthy. Really?

After all the politicking, name calling, and finger pointing rhetoric now people are ready to come to the table "for the good of the country." Really?

Tell me what exactly has changed for the American people that now we should sit down and "put people who are still looking for jobs back to work" Mr. President. Why do we have to wait for those that we elected to Congress, we will call them those "formerly known as public servants," to now decide to be more reasonable (on both sides of the table) when looking for solutions and answers to our economic challenges.

Thanks for putting those egos and power plays in check from Day 1.

Please do us all a favor and leave those egos at the door on November 3rd.

Just remember, it's for the good of the American people. Really.

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