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Posted by Randy Eickhoff on Dec 22, 2011 2:00:00 AM

Acena-Consulting-your-tax-incentives-specialistPerhaps it’s the time of year when reflection, projection and taxation. We share musings on the year we had, look forward with anticipation to the year awaiting us in January and as always, determining where we stand from a taxation perspective. Whether it’s R&D tax credits, IC DISCs, Transfer Pricing Issues, or other tax incentives, tax issues in general come with the time of year.

So, as part of the year-end review, I thought it appropriate to bring a few musing from other tax bloggers on the web. I hope you enjoy the thoughts, perspectives and information from these thought-leaders across the country:

Russ Fox, of Taxable Talk leads us out the gate with more expected news from the State of California with his statistics about lost revenue from companies and residents moving to lower cost states to do business and live in California Has Lost Over 720,000 Taxpayers

Michael Hsu of Deep Sky Accounting brings us back to reality with his post on Balance Sheets and Entrepreneurs (a bit like oil and water in most cases) titled Balance-Sheet Blues.

Professor Nellen of San Jose State University and 21st Century Taxation posted an outstanding article on California Tax Incentives for Job Creation and Innovation and her testimony before the California Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee. Well Done Professor!

Phil Karter of Tax Blawg (I won’t tell him his spelling seems amiss) provided a detailed discussion of records retention requirements that is worth a read for future information and cleaning out your storage room called IRS Records Retention Requirements in the Age of Metadata.

And finally, I thought a quick plug for our post on our blog, Acena Consulting Blog on US Tax Incentives on the topic of Can US Distributors Qualify for IC DISC Tax Savings? was worthy of another read for those that are exporting or thinking of exporting their products in 2012.

Next week we will recap the most popular articles on our blog in addition to other topics.

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Randy Eickhoff, CPA is President of Acena Consulting. With more than 20 years of tax and consulting experience, Randy focused on helping companies successfully document and secure tax incentives throughout the US. He has been a long-time speaker nationally as well as conducted numerous training sessions on R&D tax credits and other US tax incentives.


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