IC DISC Basics: Requirements to be an IC DISC

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Posted by Randy Eickhoff on Jan 19, 2012 2:00:00 AM

Acena-Consulting-your-IC-DISC-expertsThe last export incentive, an IC-DISC is a US corporation with specific requirements that can provide dramatic tax savings for companies exporting products and services. Today, we will look at the statutory requirements for an IC-DISC as defined in the tax regulations (IRC Regulation Sections 991-997).


What is the definition of an IC-DISC?

A “DISC” refers to a domestic, international sales corporation. As defined under IRC Regulations Section 1.992-1, a “DISC” means a corporation that meets the following requirements:

  1. Incorporated and existing under the laws of any State or the District of Columbia,
  2. Satisfies the gross receipts test,
  3. Satisfies the gross assets test,
  4. Satisfies the capitalization requirements,
  5. Makes a valid election be treated as a “DISC,”
  6. Maintains separate books and records, and
  7. Is not an “ineligible” corporation.

10 IC-DISC Frequently Asked Questions

What cannot be a DISC?

Associations and corporations that are organised in or under the law of a US possession of the United States cannot qualify as a DISC. Even if an Association is taxed as a corporation, it cannot qualify as a DISC.

Taxation of a DISCLearn-the-basics-of-IC-DISC-with-Acena's-help

Under IRC Regulation Section 1.991-1, a DISC is not subject to corporate income tax, the minimum tax preference items (also known as the dreaded AMT) or the accumulated earnings tax. This creates an opportunity for companies delivering products or services outside the US to realise a permanent tax savings on their export sales.

In our next article on IC-DISC Basics

Next week we will dive deeper into the definitions of the gross receipts, gross assets and other terms listed above. In the coming weeks, we will also explore the definitions related to qualified exports, commission agreements and producer loans. We hope you will stay tuned.

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IC-DISC – Frequently Asked Questions

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