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Financial incentives for companies, available through the Section 41 R&D Tax Credit Program

accountant-accounting-adviser-advisor-159804At Acena Consulting, we know that corporate success requires more than consistently designing and delivering superior products to market. To edge out the competition and command market share, businesses must also simultaneously maintain the lowest operational costs and highest cash flow possible at all times. Leveraging the current Research and Development Tax Credit offers an invaluable savings opportunity for businesses of every size and scope to protect profit margins and achieve critical operational goals.

You're Not A Scientist — So What?

Unfortunately, many businesses miss out on R&D tax credit opportunities simply because they don't realize they qualify for these capital infusing deductions. Many assume that research and development must mean "scientist." However, the Section 41 Research and Development Tax Credit is a government-sponsored benefit that delivers several financial incentives for companies that conduct qualifying R&D activities in a multitude of industries. From software and manufacturing to wineries and farms (yes, really), companies in virtually every vertical have successfully taken advantage of available research and development deductions.

Does Your Business Qualify for an R&D Tax Credit?

Business efforts and initiatives that focus on product development and improvement, process efficiencies, operational techniques, formulas, or inventions may qualify for federal and state R&D tax credits. At Acena Consulting, our research and development experts partner with CPAs, executives, and stakeholders across every organizational level to identify qualifying R&D tax exemptions.

Some common questions that can determine eligibility include:

  • Are you constantly working to develop new products?
  • Did you design a new product to enter a new market?
  • Is your team currently improving your existing products?
  • Do you leverage innovation and technology to gain a competitive edge?
  • Did you develop a high-protein food product formula?
  • Have you improved on an existing formula to increase shelf life or meet new governmental guidelines?
  • Have you designed or built a building?

Even manufacturing automation initiatives may qualify for a credit. Acena Consulting's trusted staff of experienced professionals carefully reviews and analyzes your current operational tactics to determine overall eligibility. Our insight, expertise, and directives outline compliant deductions to increase financial advantage and help you build your business.

We Can Help You Achieve (and Maintain) Research Tax Compliance

Like most legislation, the R&D Tax Credit laws are constantly changing and evolving. Congress, the courts, and the IRS have recently reviewed and updated regulations, making proper documentation crucial to achieve and maintain compliance. Don't waste precious time trying to navigate through the necessary red tape and paperwork on your own. Acena Consulting can create and implement an efficient documentation process that meets the IRC's credible evidence standards, without slowing down your company's efforts and success.

Contact Acena Consulting today to learn more about leveraging research and development to grow your business.