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Put the Section 41 Research & Development tax credit program
to work for your business, your clients, or your customers.

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Innovation tax credit insight and expertise to help CPAs, business owners, and accounting and finance professionals realize maximum tax credit deductions

Acena Consulting specializes in R&D tax credit services to CPAs, business owners, and accounting and financial professionals at businesses in virtually every industry and of every size and scope. Acena Consulting's team of skilled and experienced advisors is your one-source, expert research and development tax credit partner. Throughout every client engagement, we have one primary goal: to consult with stakeholders across every level of your organization in order to generate tax incentives that reduce your financial burden and drive an influx of working capital directly where it belongs — your corporation's bottom line.


Know the Benefits of R&D Tax Credit Claims

Many companies don't know their corporations qualify for the Section 41 R&D tax credit program, an initiative first launched in 1981 to reward companies that discover and develop new technologies, as well as extend performance and capabilities on existing innovations. Under this program, every qualifying dollar grants a business the potential to earn up to 13.5 cents of an R&D tax credit. The innovation tax incentive also offers:

  • Dollar-for-dollar tax liability reductions
  • Lower effective tax rate
  • Increase in earnings per share

The R&D tax credit program even allows businesses an opportunity to conduct look-back studies to realize unclaimed deductions from previous years for potentially significant cost savings.

Comprehensive Services and Capabilities

In addition to our research and development expertise, Acena Consulting also offers clients access to a comprehensive menu of tax credit services and capabilities. Our full suite of industry offerings include:

  • Government incentives
  • Consulting services
  • Corporate tax
  • International tax

From IC-DISC requirements and Cost Segregation studies to R&D documentation support and International initiatives, Acena's tax incentive strategies can help your business elevate cash flow and maintain its competitive edge within your market vertical.


We Believe in Building Long-Lasting Professional Relationships

At Acena Consulting, we don't just want to win your business. We want to earn your repeat business. Our research tax specialists believe in establishing long-term professional partnerships built on honesty, integrity, and trust.  Most importantly, at Acena Consulting, we make it our mission to get to know your specific business objectives and vision to align our goals with your goals. We use this insight to create a customized tax credit solution that identifies all qualifying deductions for sustainable project success.

Acena Consulting's unparalleled expertise can help you leverage research and development incentives to minimize your taxable net income, increasing the cash flow needed to grow and protect your business. Contact our team today to hear more.