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Get the R&D Tax Credit You Deserve

Tap into the financial benefits offered by the research and development tax credit

R&D Tax Credit Calculator

Download our digital tool to automate the number crunching and maximize your benefits

R&D Tax Credit Cheat Sheet

Simplify the innovation tax process with tips and tricks designed to optimize return on investment

R&D State-by-State Guide

Compare the credit's federal and local components to capture cash flow opportunities

Minimize Tax Burden and Risk

Protect, Support and Grow Your Business

Maximize tax deductions to drive financial and operational health 

R&D Tax Credit Support

Use the activities performed in your organization to significantly lower tax burden

Cost Segregation

Identify tax savings opportunities to leverage investments and reduce total taxable income


Form a tax-exempt IC-DISC, maintain its financial records, and file tax returns


Estimate your R&D tax opportunity intstantly using Acena's R&D Tax Credit Calculator. 

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Who we help

CPA Firms & Tax Professionals

Access our team of experienced specialty tax accountants to expand your current financial service offerings and better support your client base


Who we help

Financial Service Firms

Equip your clients with the tools, resources, and professional expertise needed to invest wisely and keep a steady focus on their bottom-line profits


Who we help

Business Owners & Others

Entrust our tax experts with your innovation and speciality tax needs — we'll protect profits while you stay focused on increasing them



In Credits Last Month

Acena Consulting helped clients across multiple verticals identify and claim over $932,000 in total tax credits in February 2024


New R&D Jobs Created Last Month

In February 2024, Acena's credits generated the potential for more than 12 new R&D related career opportunities

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