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What Clients Say About Acena Consulting

Why Choose Acena Consulting? 

Working with the staff of Acena Consulting made the process way less painful, and very beneficial in the end. Their patience and knowledge of the R&D process was well worth the time that my staff put into the research. In the end, we were extremely surprised to get back a whole lot of taxes that we already paid.
Technology Company, Hawaii
The team at Acena has been great to work with and they've gone above & beyond to deliver great service. I had been solicited by an unknown company to do the R&D Tax Credit process but was nervous about the risk of it, so I asked our accountant for guidance. He referred us to Acena instead, and they really helped us throughout the entire process. I definitely recommend Acena!
Metal Fabrication Company, Arizona
Acena Consulting has a professional and knowledgeable team that works very efficiently to deliver results. The format for interviews is well thought out and documented which makes the interview process easy for our engineers. The report at the end is professionally presented and provides the thoughtful documentation required to support the R&D tax credit deduction.
Mechanical Design and Engineering Company
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Acena has performed R&D tax credit studies for the last four years. I find Acena very easy to work with and, given my experience with other R&D Tax Credit Study firms, Acena stands out on:
-Giving clear and understandable requests for data.
-Quick responsiveness to our questions.
-Clearly explain the work product.
-Readable and complete final reports.
For me, business is all about relationships, and Acena treats me like more than just another client-they have become friends as well. I am very pleased with our experience and highly recommend Acena.
CFO, Technology Company
It's been a pleasure working with Acena Consulting. The team exudes not only professionalism, but extensive knowledge and expertise related to R&D tax credits and tax law. They have made the client process seamless and easy to maneuver through.
CFO, Technology Company
Acena Consulting provides professional, effective, and efficient services and I highly recommend them to others!
Owner, Engineering Company
Randy and Tiffany were great. They helped us explore and understand how the R&D tax credit could apply to our industry. They were both very thoughtful and thorough.
Architectural Firm
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Impressive and responsive service. Acena successfully steered our client through a state audit of their R&D tax credit. They bring strong technical knowledge backed up with a detailed report providing project-level information. Our client has better and more detailed documentation as a result of Acena's efforts and counsel.
Tax Partner, Phoenix, AZ
Detailed, efficient and professional, Acena Consulting has provided us with outstanding service and helped us develop strong documentation processes resulting in a very favorable audit result. Randy Eickhoff has helped us establish clear, concise audit reporting rules at a project level that require minimal oversight.
S.E., IT Director
Software Development Co., Phoenix, AZ
Acena Consulting’s approach and technical knowledge of the tax code at both a state and federal level have been outstanding both during our annual R&D tax credit analysis and last year’s IRS audit. Acena gave us the data tools we needed to develop processes to make our collection and accounting for R&D expenses more thorough and robust.
B. L., CEO
Software and Systems Development Co, Los Angeles, CA
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Properly complying and taking advantage with the ever-increasing complexity of tax laws is vital for my business, and therefore requires the utmost professionals on the subject matter. Acena Consulting has been nothing short of exemplary as part of my team in providing the tax services that allow my company to maximize its bottom line.
C. C., CEO
Integrated Circuit Design Co. Phoenix, AZ
Efficient and Knowledgeable. Randy Eickhoff and Acena Consulting have always provided proactive, efficient, and responsive service. In addition to their strong technical expertise, they bring new opportunities for additional tax savings that apply to our company. We appreciate their ability to be flexible to work within our culture to best fit our needs.
Fast Growing Technology Co., Scottsdale, AZ
Randall Eickhoff & Acena Consulting, LLC made seamless coordination between client and his CPA in delivering R&D credits study and making sure that credits are captured correctly within client’s tax return. Always available and pleasant to work with.
F.S., Partner
CPA Firm, Los Angeles, CA
Your report is much more detailed than the other consultants we used and looks great!
D.L., Corporate Controller
Software Development Co., San Antonio, TX

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