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Maximize Cash Flow Opportunities

R&D Tax Credit Overview

Put the research and development tax credit to work for your business

Minimize Financial Risk

Claim the Credit Your Business Deserves

Stop missing out on this dollar-for-dollar tax credit opportunity 

Initial Consultation

Tell us about your book of business, current operations, and research and development activities 

Customized Approach

Develop and implement a customized strategy to capture qualifying research expenditures

Complete Documentation

Create a thorough, proper, and compliant paper trail that protects your business during an audit

Evaluate Your Operations

Pass the 4-Part Test

Elimination of Uncertainty

Demonstrate improvement or change beyond aesthetics

Process of Experimentation

Demonstrate testing, trial and error, and alternative considerations

Technological in Nature

Demonstrate reliance on the hard sciences, including engineering, computer science, biology, etc.

Qualified Purpose

Demonstrate creation of new or improved product or process

Research Tax Credit Cheat Sheet

Download this free digital resource to simplify the R&D tax process


Make Acena Part of Your Team

Our tax specialists partner directly with key stakeholders:


Business Owners 

We serve as an extension of your team to identify cash flow opportunities 



Acena Consulting's tax specialists equip you to expand your client offerings


Financial Advisors

We partner with your clients to help discover untapped capital potential 

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