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Establish a Compliant Paper Trail

R&D Tax Credit Documentation Support

Create a process that preserves and protects your R&D tax credit

Incomplete, Inaccurate Documentation Impedes the R&D Tax Credit

At Acena Consulting, our team of experienced tax professionals recognizes that taking an R&D tax credit today isn't just about qualified research expenditures — it's also about proper documentation. 

Unfortunately, most business owners don't realize this until they begin the audit process, and by then it's often too late. As a result, insufficient documentation prevents countless qualifying U.S. enterprises from sustaining their R&D tax credit under audit. 


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Peace of Mind R&D Tax Documentation

Acena Consulting R&D documentation support services support our clients' qualifying R&D tax claims. Our trusted professionals have the knowledge, insight, and experience needed to not only identify eligible technology and research activity, but also to develop a customized documentation process that validates every claim for full government compliance at all times.

Acena Consulting R&D tax credit documentation helps your business:

  • Record relevant financial data
  • Identify time-allocation determinations
  • Document R&D activities
  • Gather relevant design drawings (blueprints, change orders, CAD reports)

Acena Consulting's R&D documentation services can substantiate your claims, eliminate your corporate vulnerability, and protect your business interests.


R&D Tax Credit in Action

Client Testimonial

"Acena has performed R&D tax credit studies for the last four years. I find Acena very easy to work with and, given my experience with other R&D Tax Credit Study firms, Acena stands out on:

  • Giving clear and understandable requests for data.
  • Quick responsiveness to our questions.
  • Clearly explain the work product.
  • Readable and complete final reports.

For me, business is all about relationships and Acena treats me like more than just another client, they have become friends as well. I am very pleased with our experience and highly recommend Acena."

-CFO, Technology Company

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