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Case Study:

Maximizing Tax Savings Through Tailored Cost Segregation Studies

Case Study: Maximizing Tax Savings through Tailored Cost Segregation Studies

Posted by Randy Eickhoff on Jan 6, 2024 2:29:10 AM
Randy Eickhoff
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At Acena Consulting, our commitment to delivering comprehensive cost segregation solutions was put to the test when approached by a leading provider of online tools and resources for over 300 real estate teams across North America. Tasked with minimizing tax burdens and maximizing cost savings for both the company's proprietors and their extensive network of real estate teams, Acena recognized the pivotal role cost segregation studies could play in achieving these objectives.

Client Overview:

Our client operates within the real estate sector, with multiple real estate teams managing a diverse portfolio of both commercial and residential properties across varying value ranges, starting from $70,000 and escalating upwards. With such a broad spectrum of properties under management, the need for tailored and agile tax strategies, including cost segregation studies, became paramount.

Challenges Faced:

In the fast-paced world of real estate, decisions often occur post facto or under strict timeframes and deadlines. The client's search for an accounting firm capable of handling their complex cost segregation studies hit several communication roadblocks. Out of a dozen firms approached, most responded slowly, if at all, leaving the client grappling with the urgent need for efficient and reliable tax solutions.

Acena's Solution:

Acena Consulting stood out from the competition by embodying responsiveness and direct engagement from the outset. Unlike other firms, Acena promptly returned calls and fostered continuous, open communication channels throughout the partnership. This real-time dialogue became pivotal in meeting and exceeding every deadline set by the client.

Acena’s team of R&D tax credit experts navigated the intricacies of each property, regardless of its classification or value. Our tailored approach to cost segregation studies ensured the optimization of return on investment (ROI) for the client across both commercial and residential properties.

Key Outcomes:

Unparalleled Responsiveness: Acena's immediate response and constant communication eliminated delays, ensuring the timely completion of every project.

Customized Solutions: Tailoring cost segregation processes to fit diverse property requirements enhanced tax savings and minimized burdens for the client.

Versatile Expertise: Acena's adeptness in handling properties of varying values and types showcased their proficiency in navigating complex tax scenarios.

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Acena Consulting's commitment to personalized service, unwavering responsiveness, and adaptability enabled our client to unlock substantial tax savings across their expansive real estate portfolio. By leveraging cost segregation studies tailored to their diverse needs, Acena not only met but exceeded the client's expectations, solidifying a partnership built on reliability and exceptional results.

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