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Maximize Tax Savings

Cost Segregation

Leverage this capital-driving tax vehicle to optimize cash flow 


Cost Segregation Services Drive ROI

Cost segregations reclassify various components of your commercial building, separating personal property from real property to accelerate asset depreciation for an owner's financial gain.

When properly performed, CS services allow property owners to shorten the depreciation schedule of newly classified assets. An engineer-based study carefully analyzes critical factors such as size and type of building being constructed, expanded, or purchased to significantly decrease the tax burden in the first five years of service to:

  • Reduce total taxable income
  • Leverage tax-deferred investments
  • Increase overall cash flow

Cost segregation services may even offer an opportunity to reclaim overlooked depreciation deductions from previous tax years through a one-time "catch up" where adjustments can be taken immediately instead of spreading it out over multiple fiscal years.


Identify Missed Tax Opportunities

As an experienced CS advisor, Acena Consulting can ensure you don't miss out on funds that could be used for:

  • Investments
  • Capital equipment
  • Growing your staff

Funds from a cost segregation can even be used as working capital. Acena Consulting's tax professionals emphasize the importance of surveying during the structure's development phase to ensure all real property receives proper classification as soon as possible to secure the longest tax life possible. We can help you capitalize on mission-critical capital that belongs to your business.

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