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IC-DISC Eligibility: Let Us Help You Navigate the Fine Print

Acena Consulting's corporate tax credit professionals specialize in the rules and constantly changing regulations surrounding Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation compliance. Whether you're a CPA helping a client discern the requirement or an executive attempting to manage the process on your own, Acena Consulting can give you the insight and knowledge needed to leverage the benefits of this last remaining export credit. 


Benefits of the Export Tax Credit

Your business operations won't change after a designation. However, owners of eligible companies must form a tax-exempt Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation (IC-DISC), maintain its own financial records, and file tax returns. Once an IC-DISC is established, the entity’s new tax status yields several key benefits, such as:

  • Tax-exempt sales commissions are paid to the IC-DISC by the related supplier (resulting in a 35% tax benefit to the supplier)
  • The IC-DISC pays a qualified dividend to shareholders taxed at the qualified dividend rate of 15% (or, in some cases 20 percent)
  • IC-DISC's net result is a permanent 20% tax savings

Acena Consulting helps business owners reduce the Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation's tax responsibilities to drive overall corporate liquidity for the organization.

IC-DISC Calculator

Use our intuitive online IC-DISC calculator for a general guideline on your potential tax-savings opportunities


How We Help

The Acena Process:



Our team of tax specialists will review your operations to determine eligibility for an IC-DISC designation



Once we've identified IC-DISC qualification, Acena Consulting will develop a move-forward strategy to establishing your company's designation



Acena Consulting will put your plan in motion, forming your new IC-DISC that meets current compliance and regulatory requirements



Our tax professionals develop the paper trail needed to validate your IC-DISC designation and support tax claims

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