• Development_of_capital_equipment_can_qualify_for DPAD.
    Development_of_capital_equipment_can_qualify_for DPAD.
  • Companies_manufacturing_or_producing_in_the_us_can_benefit_from_the_DPAD.
  • Both_high_and_low_tech_manufacturers_can_use_the_DPAD.
  • Wines_manufacturered_in_the_US_can_take_advantage_of_the_DPAD.
  • Architectural_services_can_qualifiy_for_the_DPAD.
  • Construction_companies_can_qualify_for_the_DPAD.
  • Agriculture_can_qualify_for_the_DPAD.

What is DPAD?

Domestic Production Activities Deduction

Section 199 of the Internal Revenue Code makes US companies more competitive in the global marketplace. The new section provides companies making products in the US with a new deduction based upon their manufacturing costs.Green_technology_can_qualify_for_DPAD

At the heart of the deduction is the definition of a "production activity."

What defines a "production activity?"

  • Manufacturing based in the US
  • Selling, leasing, or licensing items that have been manufactured in the US
  • Selling, leasing, or licensing motion pictures that have been produced in the US
  • Construction services in the US, including building and renovation of residential and commercial properties.
  • Engineering and architectural services relating to a US-based construction project,
  • Software development in the US, including development of video games.

Calculation and Limitations on the Deduction

In its simplest form, the available deduction is 9% of Qualified Production Activities Income (Qualified Production Activities Gross Receipts minus Qualified Production Activitiessoftware_development_can_qualify_for_DPAD. Expenses). Depending upon the size and complexity of the business, this can be a simple calculation or a complex one.

In addition, the deduction is limited to the adjusted gross income (pass-through entities) or taxable income (C-corporations) of the entity and can not exceen 50% of W-2 wages.

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