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Government Incentives

Don't miss out on refunds you may qualify for.

Government Incentives

Take advantage of what's available to your business.


Research & Development Tax Credits

Our experienced team at Acena will help you to review, analyze and maximize your R&D Tax Credits to lower your tax burden and build your business.



The IC DISC pays a qualified dividend to its shareholders based on export revenue or profits that is taxed at the qualified dividend rate of 15% (or 20%). Set-up, analysis and optimization of your IC DISC will save you substantial tax dollars. 


Cost Segregation

Cost Segregation is the process of separating personal property from real property for your tax purposes. We will help you increase depreciation and lower your tax bill. 


Domestic Production Deduction

The Internal Revenue Code provides companies making products in the US with a new deduction based upon their manufacturing costs. We will help you maximize this important and often missed opportunity.


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