International Tax Services

Going global can be a daunting challenge for small companies. Yey, today, the ability to get your products to customers overseas or in other countries is easier than it may seem. Are you manufacturing offshore? Selling overseas? What are the tax implications both domestically and abroad?

Acena Consulting provides the expertise needed to understand international tax issues as well as help companies to maximize the tax credits, deductions and incentives available.

IC-DISC Formation and Optimization

IC-DISC or Interest Charged-Domestic International Sales Corporation is a separate US entity formed to allow US exporting companies (including both manufacturers and distributors) to eliminate income taxes based upon their international sales. Formed and regulated under the Internal Revenue Code (Sections 991-997), an IC-DISC takes advantage of current dividend rates and can provide additional working capital to US manufacturing companies through a 20% permanent tax savings.

Does your company:

Manufacturing products in the United States?

Selling products or services to customers located outside the United States?

Acena Consulting provides both IC-DISC Formation and Optimization services. Because the tax regulations regarding the way companies can calculate the potential savings available are highly technical, utilizing Acena Consulting to maximize the potential savings can be dramatic. Want to learn more? Click here. Contact our team of international tax experts to learn more.


Transfer Pricing: Section 482

Transfer pricing refers to the pricing and movement of expenses within an organization. When one division (or subsidiary) of a company transfers goods or services to another division (or subsidiary) within their company, these goods and services are transferred at a certain price. If these two divisions (or subsidiaries) are in different countries, the price at which goods and services are transferred will impact the amount of taxable income in each country. Because this situation can result in shifting net income and profit, as well as taxes due between countries, many countries have adopted tax policies to review and assess penalties if it appears a company has attempted to transfer costs to tax havens (countries with lower tax rates). Today, most countries have adopted tax laws utilizing the arm’s length principle defined by the OEDC (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development ).

Acena Consulting can help companies to complete a Transfer Pricing study to analyze their inter-company transactions and pricing policies. Our team of economists and former “Big Four” professionals bring a wealth of experience to benefit our clients. Contact our team of international tax experts to learn more.