Research & Development Tax Credit

It is about staying ahead of the competitioncycling

  • Are you constantly working to develop new products?
  • Improve on existing products?
  • Finding ways to stay competitive through innovation, efficiency or new technologies?

Many efforts centered around product development including the improvement of products, processes, techniques, formulas or inventions can qualify for federal and state research & development credits.

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Wineries to Agriculture to Technology to Defense

Does your industry qualify for an R&D Credit?

From wineries to farms to software to defense, many industries take advantage of the research and development credits available to them.

Did you develop a new product in order to enter a new market?

Perhaps you had to re-engineer an existing product due to a new product launch from a Tier One Automaker?

Did you develop a new formula for a high-protein food product?

Or improve on an existing formula to increase shelf-life or meet new governmental guidelines?

Did you know that software development activities centered around automating the manufacturing of your products can qualify as well?

Let the professionals at Acena Consulting help you to better understand which questions should be asked and how your efforts to stay competitive both at home and globally may qualify for an R&D tax credit.


Documentation is the key to successful R&D credits

Over the last few years, Congress, the Courts and the IRS have updated, changed and reviewed the R&D Tax Credit laws. As companies have taken more advantage of these updates and changes, the IRS has responded by taking a close look at R&D credit claims as well as making the R&D Credit a Tier One issue.

To the business owner working to stay competitive, documentation of activities becomes a critical component of the internal R&D process.

How do you implement an efficient documentation process without slowing down the efforts and success of the company? How do you know that your process will meet the credible evidence standards under the Internal Revenue Code?

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