Agriculture & Farming R&D Tax Credits

While innovation may be recognized more in other industries, agriculture continues to identify, test and implement new and innovative solutions to farming challenges.

Whether the hurdle is disease control, irrigation, new product development, more efficient harvesting techniques or soil development, the farming and agriculture industry continues to exceed expectations.

Here are a few activities that the agriculture and farming industry engage in that may qualify for research and development tax credits:

  • Experimentation with new pesticides to control plant or animal disease
  • New or improved packaging development to increase shelf life
  • New or improved processes to increase yield upon harvest
  • New or improved processes to reduce waste, reuse waste products
  • New or improved processes to eliminate spoilage
  • New or improved processes to increase shelf life
  • New or improved feeding techniques for livestock
  • New or improved breeding techniques for livestock
  • Development of new strains of products with improved nutritional value
  • New product development through cross-breeding
  • Development/improvement of new fertilizers
  • Design/development of new irrigation systems
  • New or improved harvesting techniques
  • Experimentation with improved transportation methods to reduce spoilage

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