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Audio/Visual R&D Tax Credits

Research & Development Tax Credit for the AV Industry

With the pace at which technology changes, the audiovisual design has never been more important. When creating an environment conducive to productivity, more is required than just evaluating hardware and plugging it in. A seamless integration of technologies is required to ensure a quality AV experience. Difficult technology never gets used! To simplify the experience, the AV engineer must understand the interoperability of the components and systems. Time spent engineering a functioning solution can yield tax savings.

The R&D tax credit is designed to stimulate innovation, U.S. competitiveness and create jobs in certain technical industries like AV. Staying competitive in this global marketplace requires new and improved designs, concepts and processes. However, the cost to push riskier initiatives forward can be significant. This federal and state incentive is meant to encourage this progressive behavior in your operations and lessen the burden.

Benefit Breakdown

Let’s say you spent the following costs in your development:

Labor:  $1,393,061
Materials:  $18,333

Your Federal R&D tax credit would be: $108,354

You can also go back and amend 3 open years. You can go back and amend up to 4 years in some states. Most states offer this incentive and can double your benefit.

Acena, a specialist in the R&D law, bridges the gap between the qualified activities and the associated costs.

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R&D Tax Credit In Action

Case Study

A $15M in sales Audio/Visual company was hired to design an audio visual system for the administrative building of a hospital. Specifically, they were tasked with implementing integrated audio video distribution in a number of conference rooms and boardrooms. They completed several rounds of design iterations. Once approved, they finalized drawings and an initial programming design. It was clear this project was R&D intensive.

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