Are You Optimizing the R&D Tax Credit for Your Business?

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Posted by Brad Mols on Oct 16, 2019 9:03:33 PM

The research and development tax credit was launched to help U.S. businesses innovate and compete on a global scale. Unfortunately, each year, countless eligible enterprises miss out on this government-backed, dollar-for-dollar cash infusion simply because they don't realize their operations qualify for the incentive.

Is your organization optimizing innovation tax credit results? Acena Consulting can help. Our R&D tax credit specialists partner with business owners across every industry to mitigate tax burden and protect profit margins. Check out our informative video outlining some of the key points (and common misconceptions) surrounding this lucrative tax program.



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Brad Mols

Brad Mols

Acena Consulting Partner. Brad is a licensed CPA that has guided a broad range of clients in the manufacturing, technology, architecture, and engineering industries through specialized tax credits and incentives engagements.