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R&D Tax Credit: Failure vs. Success

One of the things I tell my clients when we evaluate their development activities is that attempting to develop a new product and failing is a good thing for us when looking at the project for the R&D tax credit.

Small Business Owner’s Guide to the Research Tax Credit


How many balls in the air? 

Small Business Benefits of the R&D tax credit

When the R&D tax credit became permanent in 2015 under the PATH Act, it opened up incredible benefits for small businesses that can qualify in the United States. Not only did the signing of the PATH Act make the research tax credit permanent; it added provisions that help startup companies and small business owners that annual face the alternative minimum tax (AMT).

Offsetting AMT with the new R&D Tax Credit

DPAD: The missing tax deduction

With the April tax deadline just a few days away, taxpayers are scrambling to find those last few deductions to lower their tax bill. While there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of potential tax deductions to evaluate, the Domestic Production Activities Deduction is one that US companies should be looking at very closely.