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Payroll Tax Credit: Controlled Groups


The PATH Act changed the federal research tax credit in many ways. In addition to making the R&D tax credit permanent, it also provided for  small businesses to now use the research tax credit to offset alternative minimum tax or in some instances, offset payroll taxes.

R&D Tax Credits Industry Spotlight - Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is no stranger to the R&D tax credits.

R&D Tax Credit: Failure vs. Success

One of the things I tell my clients when we evaluate their development activities is that attempting to develop a new product and failing is a good thing for us when looking at the project for the R&D tax credit.

Action Required: Making the Payroll Tax Election

The PATH Act changed the research tax credit for taxpayers in valuable and  impor

Taking Advantage of Tax Incentives

Many of the business owners we meet glaze over when we start talking about tax incentives. Sure, creating the newest and most innovative technology is easy. Understanding federal and state tax law, well, that’s a completely different challenge.