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R&D Tax Credit: Industry Spotlight: Farming & Agriculture

Getting more out of less land generates R&D tax credits for American farms.


Payroll Tax Credit: Controlled Groups


The PATH Act changed the federal research tax credit in many ways. In addition to making the R&D tax credit permanent, it also provided for  small businesses to now use the research tax credit to offset alternative minimum tax or in some instances, offset payroll taxes.

R&D Tax Credits Industry Spotlight - Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is no stranger to the R&D tax credits.

R&D Tax Credit: Failure vs. Success

One of the things I tell my clients when we evaluate their development activities is that attempting to develop a new product and failing is a good thing for us when looking at the project for the R&D tax credit.

Action Required: Making the Payroll Tax Election

The PATH Act changed the research tax credit for taxpayers in valuable and  impor